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Frequently Asked Questions


Products and Design


What is a "Team Store"?

A team store is an online shop where teams, businesses, fans, and family can shop for apparel and accessories decorated with the logos of your local youth team or organization. By working with Blatant Team Store, we host your store for you, as well as design any logos, manufacture all products, and handle all the shipping and distribution. Plus, your team receives a fundraising check at the end of the team store.

What does it cost to open a store?

Absolutely nothing! Opening a store with us is FREE. You only pay for the items that you personally purchase. That's it!

Do I get a percentage of the sales?

Yes you do! Our stores are built to help you fundraise for your team.

Do you only operate stores for sports teams?

No, we operate stores for school districts, businesses, and anyone else in need of great custom apparel and accessories.

I need a logo for my team. Can you make one?

Yes! And the best part is, it's FREE when you open up a team store with us.

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